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LEED Fabrication Services

Technical Services:  LEED Fabrication includes four hours of startup time with all manufactured production equipment.  This hands on commitment creates a training opportunity for our customers who require an introduction to the functionality and performance of LEED’s equipment, and those who wish to have ongoing support of newly constructed or workover locations.

Our technical team is skilled and trained on LEED’s equipment and our competition’s equipment, providing unparalleled trouble shooting and cost effective solutions for “in service” environments.  From combination dehydrators to enclosed flares, we stand ready with 24 hours notice to solve the most complex separation and technical well head challenges.

Field Services:  LEED has been providing field construction, welding, and roustabout services for the past 15 years.  Our fully equipped services division offers the safest and highest quality service in the Rockies today.  We have experience constructing high production, multi well pad sites, compressor and gathering stations, flow lines and gathering lines throughout Northern Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming.  Our 6G certified welders deliver 100% X-Ray quality welds every time, and with our own certified Senior CWI on staff, we are prepared to tackle the most challenging tasks construction projects.

Engineered Solutions:  Through interactive design with our energy producing clientele, our highly creative engineering team provides comprehensive solutions for the most demanding environments.  Our engineered solutions provide answers to the most complex operating challenges, including reducing emissions, environmental and regulatory control, expanding production volumes, and diverse production sites with complex operating fundamentals.  Complimented by our diverse portfolio of well head equipment solutions, our engineering team designs and integrates the appropriate equipment for each scenario, delivering maximum return on investment, high efficiency, and the most environmentally sound equipment on the market today.

LEED averages more than 12 new product offerings every twelve months, demonstrating our commitment to continous development and improvement of our product portfolio.  Our custom tailored designs meet our customers' specific operating needs without compromising production results.